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When does alimony need to change?

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2022 | divorce |

Going through a divorce can be a stressful situation. Adding alimony into the negotiation can make the situation even more complex for both parties.

Eventually, you finalize the divorce and start to settle into a new sense of normalcy. In some cases, the new normal can lead to a situation where it is time to adjust your alimony agreement.

Here’s what you should know about when it may be time to make changes to your alimony.

Changes can come from either side

Alimony used to be a way to support non-working wives after divorce. Now that more households depend on two incomes, either spouse could collect or pay alimony after a divorce.

When one spouse has a significant change in their circumstances, it could be time to change the alimony agreement. A change in circumstances could be situations, such as:

  • Change in employment
  • Marriage
  • Change in cohabitation or other living arrangements

These changes could warrant an increase, decrease or end in alimony payments. For example, a spouse receiving alimony who finds adequate employment may no longer need support.

Requesting a change

Making a change to your alimony agreement can be as emotional as it is financial. In some cases, creating a new arrangement can open some of the old wounds from negotiating the divorce.

One of the challenges with requesting a change in alimony payments is that it can stir up some of the conflicts from the initial divorce. You may have found out about your ex’s change in circumstances and now need to request a change, making it a complicated situation.

As you are working through requesting changes to your alimony agreement, it is essential to talk to an experienced professional. You will want an advocate by your side as you wade through a challenging situation for you and your ex.