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Alimony payments can get complicated

In Delaware, part of a court order or divorce settlement often includes an award for alimony. Alimony and spousal support are two separate categories, as the first applies to a post-divorce settlement, while the second is temporary and usually lasts for the interim...

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What is the duration of an alimony award?

Alimony can be vital for a divorcing spouse in some situations and may feel like a burden to the other spouse that they cannot sustain. Because of the sometimes emotional nature of alimony, it is helpful for divorcing spouses to be familiar with the different aspects...

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When does alimony need to change?

Going through a divorce can be a stressful situation. Adding alimony into the negotiation can make the situation even more complex for both parties. Eventually, you finalize the divorce and start to settle into a new sense of normalcy. In some cases, the new normal...

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Tax laws are less favorable for alimony

Changes to the federal tax laws that took effect in 2019 eliminated the few advantages for paying alimony. The long-standing deduction for alimony payments was eliminated. Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 The tax law was changed to address tax underreporting. Tax returns...

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Important factors in alimony determinations

Divorce creates many questions that can be hard for Delaware residents to work out on their own. That is why many individuals seek the advice and counsel of trusted legal professionals to guide them on their journeys. A family law attorney can be an asset and advocate...

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Proving cohabitation to stop alimony payments

Divorce is oftentimes an expensive endeavor. Some individuals are able to ease the burden associated with marriage dissolution by successfully seeking alimony, while others may see their financial stability eroded by orders requiring them to pay spousal support. If...

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