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Have You Changed Your Will Yet After A Marital Dissolution?

At any stage of life, we must acknowledge the importance of estate planning. Unexpected events can throw a family into a state of emergency at any time. The best insurance against financial disaster may be a well-crafted will, along with other critical tools such as powers of attorney, health care directives and trusts. Are your testamentary documents accurate, up to date and reflecting of your true priorities? Please don’t brush such questions aside through procrastination or a sense of taboo.

You may realize that estate planning matters, but then let it go when the pressures of life take over. When a marriage is breaking up, added complications come into play. The process of divorce is an inherently disorienting time of life, as a family structure changes amid strong emotions in many cases. Family budgets, child rearing, real estate matters and household management routines may be in disarray before stability returns. Despite these difficulties, however, be careful not to sweep your estate planning responsibilities under the rug.

Clients of Horner Law LLC in Wilmington have a built-in advantage, as the firm handles both areas of law (as well as real estate law) with a comprehensive approach. Attorney Keith Horner offers estate planning and family law clients the benefits of a one-stop shop.

Once a divorce is finalized, a previously existing estate plan may be obsolete. Replacing it is the first order of business for new singles, especially new single parents. Consider factors such as:

  • New ownership designations of real estate and other personal property
  • Newly obsolete life insurance policy beneficiary designations
  • Refocused priorities for naming potential guardians of children, in case a parent dies
  • Grandparents’ rights concerns

Furthermore, if either ex-spouse remarries in the near future, additional complexities may come into the picture. For best results, consult with an estate planning attorney promptly when a divorce is in the works or newly finalized.

Do Not Put Off The Important Matter Of Updating Your Post-Divorce Estate Plan

If you are approaching divorce or have just completed a divorce, do not neglect to revise your will, trusts, powers of attorney and health care directive appropriately. Your vital legal issues such as estate planning after divorce will not fall through the cracks when Mr. Horner is your family law or estate planning lawyer. Get the dialogue started as soon as you can by calling 302-483-7285 or contacting us by email.