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Experienced Attorney For Child Custody Matters

At Horner Law LLC, we handle child custody and visitation matters for clients in Wilmington and throughout surrounding Delaware communities. Attorney Keith Horner will work with you closely to establish custody agreements and parenting plans that preserve the precious relationship you have with your child. We handle these cases with great sensitivity to the emotional stakes involved.

Protecting What Matters Most

The overriding concern in any child custody case is protecting the best interests of the child involved. While both parents typically want what is best for their children, there can be sharp disagreements as to what, specifically, constitutes the best course of action.

Having handled many child custody cases, we know how family court judges are likely to rule on contested custody and child support matters. We help parents come together to achieve common-sense solutions that truly serve the child’s best interests.

Our goal is to help parents resolve custody disputes while exposing the child to as little stress and acrimony as possible.

We understand, however, that the other party is not always willing to be reasonable. We are always prepared for strong courtroom litigation when it is the only means of serving the child’s best interests and protecting our clients’ parental rights.

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