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The practical and legal aspects of divorce may seem overwhelming during this time of transition, but property division deserves close attention, regardless of difficulties. Decisions made about property division can have a strong impact on your long-term financial health. This is an important reason to bring a reliable family law attorney on board as soon as possible.

Equitable Separation Of Assets

Once you realize a divorce is on the way, an experienced, skilled divorce lawyer like Keith Horner can be your strong advocate. Horner Law LLC​ in Wilmington can help you protect your rights through property division in a Delaware divorce. With Mr. Horner’s astute advice, you may find the insights you need to determine priorities. With confidence, you can devise and pursue a workable strategy for the division of:

  • Bank accounts
  • Investments — property, accounts, stocks and bonds, and assets like silver and collectibles
  • Retirement accounts
  • Real estate
  • Household goods
  • Vehicles
  • Recreational assets like boats, snowmobiles, vacation property and timeshares
  • Business assets
  • Pets
  • Debts

Some couples approach divorce believing they agree on how to divide assets. However, as property division negotiations progress, areas of disagreement often come to light. You and your spouse may discover you disagree on how to allocate some or all items in your marital estate. You may reach a resolution through settlement conferences, mediation or litigation.

When Problem Areas Arise

Compromise will be a key to keeping a divorce on track and keeping legal costs reasonable, but sometimes this becomes impossible. Your spouse may have dissipated marital assets as your relationship was deteriorating. During the property division process, you may suspect your spouse is hiding assets — or you may need to demonstrate that you are not doing this. In case of strong contention, you may need to use aggressive legal tactics to protect your interests.

Many people going through a divorce have difficulty negotiating asset redistribution with spouses who resist compromise. An experienced divorce attorney, Keith Horner brings knowledge that can help you break through obstacles. A seasoned, results-oriented family law attorney can be a stabilizing force and a great ally. Let Horner Law LLC help you pursue equitable property division in the ways that work best in your unique situation. What if the divorce is complete, but your spouse has not yet sold the house or surrendered assets according to the divorce decree? If you need post-divorce guidance, Mr. Horner will respond attentively to your concerns.

Protect Your Interests Through Property Division – Contact A Family Law Attorney Now

The financial outcome of your divorce may affect you and your family for years to come. Get the help you need to watch out for post-divorce fiscal health. Call 302-483-7285 or contact us online to schedule a consultation on asset division in our Delaware divorce.